Building the bio-based chemical economy: Circa launches the Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute

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OSLO, NORWAY – September 20, 2022 – To advance and promote the development and commercialization of renewable chemistry, sustainable biochemistry company Circa Group AS (ticker symbol: CIRCA) has launched the Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute at the Green Chemistry Center of Excellence (GCCE) at the University of York in the UK.

The Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute is a new industry innovation center, responsible for supporting customer and market applications for renewable chemicals, including Circa’s bio-based product portfolio based on the levoglucosenone (LGO) chemical platform .

Circa’s strategy is to work with leading academic institutions to foster the development of the renewable chemistry sector and demonstrate the vast potential of its new advanced biochemicals. This ensures the continuation of important and successful research into Cyrene™ applications and the development of other levoglucosenone (LGO) solvents.

Tony Duncan, CEO of Circa Group AS, said: “Being able to provide customers with knowledge and expertise on the use of Cyrene™ in real world applications and processes, as well as the development of new products and solvents has always been important to Circa. And leveraging the knowledge about Cyrene™ accumulated at GCCE over the past few years makes a lot of sense. The Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute will be an important partner in supporting the adoption of innovative products in the bio-based circular economy.”

Professor James Clark, Professor of Industrial and Applied Chemistry and Founder of GCCE, said: “The Circa Renewable Chemistry Institute will conduct cutting-edge research into commercially relevant platform molecules and their production to support the development of chemicals and more sustainable products. Of course, developing great products like Cyrene™ is just the beginning – the transition to renewable chemistry requires an open, collaborative environment where peers can solve problems and overcome barriers together. There are business and reputation rewards for early adopters, and we invite them to be part of this important work.”



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Established in 2006, Circa Group converts sustainable non-food biomass into advanced bio-based chemicals through its proprietary Furacell™ process. By creating renewable chemicals from cellulose, Circa extracts value from forest biomass and fills a market gap by offering bio-based alternatives contributing to a more circular economy. In March 2021, Circa Group successfully listed on the Euronext Growth market in Oslo, symbol CIRCA.


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