Experienced Process Engineer – Manufacturing Technology

The Experienced Process Engineer role (Lead I/II) provides technical expertise and support to ensure process stability and safety in tandem with optimized product quality and yield for the polymer autoclave asset at the Sabine River Works site (Orange, TX). The G unit autoclave asset produces a wide range of high value specialty polymers for casting, compounding, films and lamination. These specialty ethylene products are used in a wide range of application market spaces, including automotive and transportation, food and materials packaging, building and construction, and yarns. and cables. With more than 2,000 customers in 70 countries, our business is dedicated to growth through product innovation and customer partnership, executed with a strong focus on our core values ​​of safety, sustainability, respect for people and of business ethics.

The successful candidate will join an integrated team including process, mechanical/reliability and control systems engineers. Role responsibilities include resolving process issues, identifying and implementing manufacturing improvements, and leading teams and/or projects towards longer term gains and improved performance and unit safety. This role also involves understanding and driving continuous improvement in product quality by applying technical troubleshooting skills to resolve process/product deviations, both in-process and based on customer concerns. The role serves as the technology guardian for the VAMAC® product line and its processes, and thus strategic networks not only on operations, but also on the multiple facets of the business platform, raw materials and procurement to R&D/Marketing to sales and supply chain.

The Senior Process Engineer will:

  • Provide technical expertise for all polymer processes on the G Unit autoclave.
  • Own/maintain/update specific process technology for end-to-end manufacturing of VAMAC® materials from raw material to base resin product.
  • Provide expertise in collaboration with other technical peers for the development and commercialization of new base materials; support for secondary VAMAC® extrusion processes; and improvements in the critical properties, quality and performance of the final product based on the needs of business growth, stability of operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Lead/participate in Process Safety Management (PSM) and Process Risk Analysis (PHA) teams.
  • Mentor and assist with operations and technology training.
  • Evaluation and validation of process flow diagrams, shop floor control strategies, logic or algorithms, standard operating procedures, production specifications (including product quality and safety data) for process/product consistency and assurance.
  • Execute change management processes towards equipment and process improvement (design engineering change, raw material qualifications, operational procedures, etc.).
  • Understand key process variables and the technology behind them to positively impact production, troubleshoot and resolve manufacturing issues, and continuously improve product quality and performance for the customer.
  • Lead/serve within teams to identify, prioritize and drive projects ranging from incremental improvements to major technology changes that drive realized process/product improvements in areas such as safety, performance, availability, fixed and variable costs and reductions in working capital.
  • Network with other senior technical experts across all product lines/internal businesses to leverage experience, secure process technology and PSM foundations, and drive continued growth and sustainability to benefit the business.

Required attributes:

  • BS or higher in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering from an ABET-accredited university, with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and safely as a process engineer in a manufacturing environment (>7 years of industrial experience)
  • Higher levels of education/experience are also encouraged to apply; job level/scope of work and compensation can be tailored based on the experience and abilities of the successful candidate.

Functional skills

  • Extensive knowledge of polymer process engineering, such as raw material handling, chemical reactors, distillation, heat/mass transfer, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, filtration, casting, extrusion, cutting, drying/handling bulk solids, mixing and packaging
  • Knowledge of batch and continuous processes, possibly including recycling loops
  • Ability to assimilate unit operating information into actions that positively impact important criteria such as process safety, product yield and quality, cycle time, asset availability and capacity .
  • Knowledge of process modeling software (Aspen)
  • Experience with process safety management systems including change management, safety design (i.e. pressure), RAGAGEP, root cause failure analysis, etc..
  • Familiarity with PHA (Process Hazards Analysis) and/or Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA), especially as a leader or team member
  • Demonstrated experience in developing design basis and technology requirements for major and minor capital project process improvement.
  • Multivariate testing / Six Sigma certification and/or other data-driven decision-making experience is a plus

General skills

  • Good written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Motivated, with constant attention to detail.
  • Strong troubleshooting/problem solving skills.
  • Ability to learn and work independently
  • Ability to identify needs/opportunities, translate them into strategic actions and effectively communicate direction and progress across all functions/levels of the business
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize between immediate needs and longer term goals
  • Works collaboratively across a wide range of operational knowledge levels and disciplines (i.e. Operations, Business, Technology).

DuPont is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, legal status. veteran, disabled or of any other protected class. If you need a reasonable accommodation to search or apply for a position, please visit our accessibility page for contact details.