India prepares to meet the challenges of nuclear, biological and chemical warfare

New Delhi: The Center acknowledged that “sufficient budgetary allocation” or simply adequate funds are needed to develop advanced technologies “to make the country self-sufficient in the field of nuclear, but also biological and chemical warfare.
The Center’s statement follows a recommendation by parliamentarians that “since all kinds of wars in the future may be fought using NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) weapons systems…” budget appropriations must be allocated to the R&D efforts of the DRDO. or the Defense Research and Development Organization in the field of NBC warfare. Two neighbors and also adversaries of India, China and Pakistan, possess nuclear weapons.
The DRDO has already developed several protection systems for the military and, if necessary, civilians, in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. They include permeable suits, respirators, chemical agent detectors, decontamination systems, shelters (inflatable and mobile), unmanned surveillance vehicles, first aid kits, packaged food and water resistant to NBC attacks and other equipment. The Cabinet Committee on Security had asked the DRDO to develop all these things.
The DRDO is currently working on the development of a biological agent detector, a “stand-off” biological and chemical weapons detector, mobile decontamination systems necessary in the event of an attack and next-generation protection. There is clearly a requirement because there are two nuclear-armed countries in the vicinity, China and Pakistan. In recent years, there have also been concerns about Pakistani nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.