Job: Senior Chemical/Process/Environment Engineer at Foteino Talento

Summary of the role

Looking for a creative and cooperative chemical / process / environment engineer with specific experience in the field of biofuels and their production / energy recovery from waste to lead a new project focused on biodiesel / HVO feedstock for export . Initially focusing on used cooking oil (UCO) and palm oil mill effluent (POME) with a view to expanding the product range later.
The ideal candidate should have a wealth of technical and industry knowledge and a knack for process optimization.
The engineer will work in the office and on site to implement, analyze and improve processes, equipment and plants. Also work with other engineers and team members from diverse backgrounds to understand project goals, design and propose solutions, and help implement, troubleshoot, and revise plans as they go progress of projects.
The position will be on a 6 month consultancy basis, with a view to transitioning into a full time Technical Lead role.

Results – The successful candidate will: Consulting phase (6 months):

Create a detailed process flow for the collection, transport, storage and processing of UCO and POME for export in accordance with ISCC standards.
Design and create a budget for a modular storage/processing center – The facility where products will be aggregated and processed ready for export – including capex, opex and staffing requirements
Supervise the construction of the modular hub, the purchase and installation of equipment and the hiring of personnel
Manage the ISCC audit and certification process as well as any other relevant certification.

Full time:

Assume the role of team leader overseeing the day-to-day management of the modular hub(s).
Constantly revise processes to achieve greater efficiency and improve the quality of products for export.
Work with our leadership team to develop a strategic plan for modular hub expansion to additional locations and product line growth.

Main responsibilities

Perform chemical analysis and physical property testing of materials and products.
Research, design and develop new production processes.
Coordinate and perform tests.
Analyze data to develop conclusions.
Communicate the results of analyzes and research.
Evaluate current processes and develop improvements for safety, quality and efficiency.
Create standards and specifications for processes, facilities, products and testing.
Help establish timelines and budgets.
Install, maintain and inspect equipment and facilities.
Perform routine calibration and troubleshooting of instruments.
Provide training and mentorship to technical staff.


Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or related field
Master’s degree in chemical engineering or related field desirable
10 years of experience in biodiesel production/waste energy recovery
Proficiency in Microsoft Office
Experience in project management an asset
Applied knowledge of analytical chemistry techniques
Direct experience using spreadsheets and database software to compile, analyze and present data
Knowledge of process improvement methodologies

Key skills:
The key skills that the successful candidate must have are:

Commercially minded – You will have a solid understanding of the economic impact of technical/process decisions and ensure that at all times they are aligned with organizational objectives
Innovative – You will design creative and constantly evolving solutions to the specifics of the challenges posed by the environments in which we operate. Additionally, you will stay abreast of technological advances in the field to ensure that our products and processes continue to be in demand and highly effective.
Good Communicator – You will have excellent presentation, verbal communication and technical writing skills. You will be able to convey potentially complex technical information to people from a variety of non-technical backgrounds.
Team Builder and Leader – You will be able to build and manage a team by hiring top talent to support our goals. You will have the ability to perform tasks with minimal supervision.
Policy-focused – You will have in-depth knowledge of local and international policy and regulatory frameworks regarding biodiesel and renewable fuels, and be able to advise a strategy based on this information

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