Last war in Ukraine: NATO warns that chemical weapons attacks in Ukraine could affect neighboring countries

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, said Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not expected to attend the G20 nations summit in Indonesia this year, as divisions over Russia’s role in the group grow.

“The idea of ​​sitting around the table with Vladimir Putin, [who] the United States is already in a position to call [for] war crimes in Ukraine, for me, that’s a step too far,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

“I think we need to have people in the room who don’t invade other countries.”

Morrison added that his administration had “been in touch” with Joko Widodo, the Indonesian president, about the matter.

Morrison’s comments came a day after Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobieva said Putin planned to attend the summit, to be held in October in Bali, as long as the coronavirus situation permits.

Vorobieva also said the G20, which usually focuses on economic issues, was not the forum to discuss the war, despite growing calls for the crisis to be on the agenda.

Reuters reported that the United States and its allies were considering seeking to exclude Russia from the group, given its invasion of Ukraine.

China, which voted with Russia on a failed resolution on the war at the UN Security Council on Wednesday, called Russia an “important member” of the G20, adding that the grouping was an economic forum and “no member does not have the right to expel another country”.