Oldham Chemical will distribute the Nature-Cide X2 product


Med-X Inc. announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Oldham Chemical Co., a supplier to the professional pest control and lawn care industries, for its Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 product.

Following an initial order with Med-X, Oldham Chemical Co. now distributes Med-X’s Nature-Cide Pest Management X2 product for indoor and outdoor pest control to residential and commercial customers. Nature-Cide uses all-natural, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and effective insect control products while repelling insects, rodents, reptiles and various birds.

Med-X Inc. is an innovator of all-natural green stage solutions for the pest control, health and wellness markets.

Oldham Chemical Co. was established in 1966 by Millard Oldham and his wife Ada as a full-service, family-owned specialty distribution company in Tennessee. They’re both pest control professional Hall of Fame (Class of 2007).

The company specializes in custom application equipment for the professional pest control and lawn care industries. It has 14 service centers in eight states in the southeastern United States.

About Nature-Cide

Nature-Cide strives to provide its customers with all-natural, green, eco-friendly and effective products for insect control while repelling rodents, reptiles and various birds. The Nature-Cide product line was created by a California-licensed IPM (Integrated Pest Management) service company. As the company notes on its About page: “By using an IPM strategy, not only do pests find the property unattractive, but using Nature-Cide products takes the strategy one step further, keeping the pests away.” . Our intention is not to reinvent the pest control industry, but rather to provide the community with a range of environmentally friendly and effective products, with proven effectiveness in killing and repelling insects, repelling rodents, reptiles and various birds while leaving a pleasant aroma to satisfy even the harshest critics.