PREMIERE: Chemical – Immerse – Distorted Sound Magazine

We here at distorted sound are thrilled to premiere the new music video for IMMERSE!

The new music video, for the track Chemicalis the brand new single from the Bristol-based post-hardcore band and they intend to launch their next chapter as a group and we are delighted to give the new music video its official premiere.

Speaking of the new song, the singer Archie Hatfield tell us, Chemical is a song about how antidepressants are sometimes as bad as the problem they treat. I have seen countless people fight endlessly trying to get the right medicine. I’ve always hated watching my friends struggle with mental health and watching the one thing that’s supposed to help them cause even more trouble by sending them into anxiety attacks and depressive episodes. It’s something that has always made me feel bad, so I wrote this song to address that situation and bring light to it. I want people to know that they are strong to fight their demons every day and things will get better.

We loved working with the producer robin Adam [ARCHITECTS/BLOOD YOUTH] on this single. Josh & Well headed to Leeds to record the drums with him at The nave while Tim produced the rest of the track at his home studio in Bristol. It really gave us the control we wanted throughout the check-in process and protected us all during the uncertainties of COVID. Not having a time limit or paying for studio time allowed us to completely relax and make our best music. When writing Chemicalit was clear that the synths would help take the song to another level. Tim had fun playing with Synthmaster & Izotope Iris to sculpt sounds to tie into our new brand. Once we were happy robin worked his magic on the mix & master. Make the link with Mark [TO KILL ACHILLES] shooting the video in Sheffield was great fun too!

Watch the official Chemical clip exclusively here:

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