Quantix launches new divisional structure to address the unique challenges of the chemical industry

This follows news last September that A&R Logistics was rebrand to Quantix. The new name united the A&R Logistics family of companies into one brand and led to the retirement of all existing names including A&R Logistics, Blue Water Plastic Transport, Plantgistix, First Choice Logistics, LT Harnett Trucking, Inc., Luckey Trucking and RJ’s. Transportation.

“Our A&R roots and dedication to our chemical customers go back more than 50 years,” Ball said. “Now, evolving as one integrated company, we are Quantix. With our combined resources and talents, we need a new structure to address the industry-specific challenges that we face every day and that we believe no one is better placed than us to meet them.”

The six divisions are:

  1. Transportation: At the heart of Quantix’s operations, the Transport division includes dry bulk, liquid bulk, dry van and drayage. This unit’s expert team keeps equipment running at its best, ensures operations run safely, and works tirelessly to ensure every load is delivered.
  2. 3PL Solutions: The 3PL Solutions team provides capacity where and when it is needed, manages loads from order to delivery, and provides transportation and equipment to Quantix customers. Where appropriate, this division provides fully outsourced management of a client’s logistics process so that they can focus on their core business.
  3. Distribution centers: Quantix operates warehouses across the country allowing customers to store and process products closer to their customers. The Distribution Centers team oversees the storage, packaging and distribution of customer merchandise.
  4. Export and import packing facilities: Strategically located on the East and Gulf Coasts, Quantix’s export and import packaging facilities are dedicated to handling plastic resins. They offer large bulk car capacity, industry-leading packaging technology and decades of expertise.
  5. Improved Services: This division offers factory services and resin enhancement, two mission-critical components to ensure customers’ operations can run at peak performance. Through Factory Services, Quantix team members partner with customers to perform various on-site operations such as staffing, training, maintenance, etc., so they can focus on their production In progress. The resin recovery service restores the value of degraded plastic resins following contamination using highly specialized equipment.
  6. EcoRecovery Division: Quantix’s impact on the environment is as important as the quality of the services the company provides to its customers. The EcoRecovery division ensures waste from production is recovered and disposed of properly using specialist tools and assets such as recovery boxes, stainless steel vacuum trailers, tanker trailers and trailers vans.

To learn more about Quantix’s six divisions and to watch the video from this week’s event, visit https://quantixscs.com/divisions/.

About Quantix
Quantix is ​​the chemical industry’s leading supply chain services company. It provides the world’s largest chemical suppliers with end-to-end support through a nationwide network and a full suite of services, including transportation, 3PL solutions, distribution centers, export/import, shipping services. improvement of factory resin and eco-recovery. Based at The Woods, TX With more than 50 locations across the United States, Quantix is ​​committed to providing the highest level of safety, quality, compliance, and integrity across all of its operations. Learn more about www.quantixscs.com.