Technip Energies launches a suite of green hydrogen technologies – Chemical Engineering

By Mary Page Bailey |

Technip Energies (Paris) and its subsidiaries Kanfa and Inocean announce the launch of GO.H2 by T.EN, a complete range of carbon-free solutions for the production of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen is an integral part of the energy transition and, drawing on its long experience in the field of hydrogen and offshore, Technip Energies brings its expertise in the field of green hydrogen to meet growing global demand. in renewable energies.

This suite of solutions – based on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar – is flexible with building blocks tailored to customer needs based on substructures, hydrogen and derivative products produced, functionalities and locations.

The offshore installation can be a fixed structure or a float. Green hydrogen is produced using a seawater desalination unit, followed by electrolysis and exported ashore through a transmission pipeline or discharged onto a carrier vessel.

For harsher environments, the substructure can be a spar or a semi-submersible. For high capacities and further from the coast, the hydrogen is converted by adding a unit of ammonia or liquid organic hydrogen (LOHC) and transferred to a floating storage and unloading vessel. By adding hydrogen storage and fuel cells, the facility provides a stable and continuous power supply for electrified oil and gas facilities powered by wind turbines. For smaller capacities, the systems can be located on the floating offshore wind substructure or on the substation.

Intermittency management is addressed from the design phase through to the appropriate system architecture and technological building blocks, energy and hydrogen storage and control strategies. In operation, an energy management system (EMS) enables on-line production optimization through predictive control models.

Laure Mandrou, SVP Carbon-Free Solutions at Technip Energies, said: “With over 50 years of hydrogen experience and extensive offshore expertise, we are proud to offer this suite of innovative and flexible solutions for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives. GO.H2 by T.EN exemplifies our commitment to technology as a key driver to accelerate the journey to a low carbon future.