TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY Says Collab With MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE Singer Shatters Black Metal “Elitist Mindset”

One of the good surprises this year was the collaboration between Trivia guitarist/singer Matt heavy and My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Road. Already friends for many years, the two bonded over “Rōnin”, a track off Heavy ‘black metal project Ibarakithe latest version of, Rashomon. In a new interview with guitar world, Heavy explained how the pair wanted to eliminate preconceptions about what the two could do musically.

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“I knew Gerard would blow people’s minds… that’s the guy’s concept of Trivia and the guy from My Chemical Romance do a piece of black metal together. It would break the elitist mindset of what black metal can be.”

Explaining how the couple met, Heavy Told guitar world“I met Gerard in 2006 at Big Day Out. We ended up talking about comics, Final Fantasyand food, as well as things like vocal range because The black parade had just come out (MCR’his third album) and I wanted to probe his brain on the notes he hit. We remained correspondents for years. Some years we chatted a lot, others not. One day he messaged me on Instagram asking if I could explain how to choose black metal riffs with a tremolo.”

About working together, Heavy noted that “I had never heard him scream but I just knew it would work. Just by talking, I knew he was into it. We were chatting about things we liked or disliked about about the genre and things that we would change if we. That’s why there’s so much on this record that philosophically isn’t black metal.

“I was talking to him about the things I thought I should do and he was like, ‘No, that’s not the point of black metal, it’s to break the rules and the attitude!’ You don’t have to sound like this or that or burn down churches… it’s about writing what you think is right and making music with your soul I learned so much from him especially regarding this album. Gerard and I felt like strangers watching this genre [with admiration for] the torchbearers of the genre.”

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Talking about how he likes to have his musical tastes almost at odds with each other, Heavy said: “I loved the genre growing up, I always talked about it, even though I wore a emperor shirt way too small and wearing eyeliner. It didn’t make sense to some people, who thought I couldn’t look like that, being in a band that was commercially successful and still loves black metal.

“I’ve always liked living in places where you don’t have to mix things up, like in Trivia where you love satanic black metal and Christian metalcore at the same time! I like this difficult balance and this rebellion against itself.”

You can read the full interview with Heavy in guitar world here. And definitely listen Roshamon and “Ronin” below. The album was released earlier this spring and Metal injection naturally had a few things to say about it. Spoiler alert: we loved it! .

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