Wade Cushing says he will go to Texas A&M University to study chemical engineering

The Cushing family reunites with Wade, a senior from Churchill County High School, who received a $100,000 scholarship to one of the top 30 engineering universities. From left to right, Rhiannon, Jason, Verity and Wade Cushing, as well as Thomas Toland, Director of Engineering at Gemini.

A Churchill County High School student had the opportunity to attend the engineering school his parents attended.
Wade Cushing will receive a $100,000 scholarship to one of the nation’s top 30 engineering universities. On hand for the announcement were not only Cushing’s parents, but also several of his teachers and church members.
“We award scholarships to promising engineering students,” said Thomas Toland, director of engineering at Gemini, a Minnesota-based engineering company.
He said the scholarship would be paid in $25,000 increments over the four years of college.
During the presentation, Cushing revealed that he had been accepted to Texas A&M University at College Station. The university tied for 10th with the University of Illinois and the University of California, San Diego. Cushing said he would like to study chemical engineering.
The Aggies tradition will continue for the Cushing family. His father, Jason, and mother, Verity, attended Texas A&M. An older sister, Rhiannon, graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno. Wade Cushing said when he visited the campus he found it welcoming and was intrigued by the school’s culture.
“No relation, but there’s a Cushing Memorial Library there,” he said with a smile.
Toland also came to Fallon to tour the Gemini facility located on New River Parkway. Toland works from the headquarters in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, which oversees 18 locations in the United States.
“Our founder was an engineer,” Toland said. “He really wanted to do something to give back to the community.”
Gemini established the Ross Wagner Fellowship, named after the second Chairman of the Board of Gemini. Wagner died in 1992.
Steve Ranson/LVN
Thomas Toland, right, director of engineering for Gemini Engineering, congratulates Wade Cushing, a senior from Churchill County High School, who received a $100,000 scholarship for a top-level engineering program.

The scholarship criteria require winning students to attend a top engineering school in the United States or Canada, as assessed by US News and World Report.
“It exemplified our founder,” Toland said. “He was a very humble person. He started this little business out of his garage in 1963.”
In addition to the Fallon and Minnesota plants, Toland said Gemini is located in Texas, Iowa, Mexico and Canada.
The CCHS senior added that his chemistry professor told him about the University of Washington’s engineering program, which is ranked No. 24. Nevada’s engineering department was also brought up in the conversation, but Wade Cushing had a strong affinity for Texas A&M.
“When I was a young man in Wade’s place, I was looking to go to schools elsewhere, and I had the opportunity to afford to go to Texas A&M on a big scholarship,” Jason Cushing said. , the technical director of Naval Aviation. War Development Center. “I am delighted that he has the same opportunity.”
Toland said he was impressed with the interview process.
“I like the way (Wade) presented himself in the interview,” Toland said. “He’s done a great job. Without a doubt, he’s got the grades, the ACT scores, and he’s going to a great school.
CCHS Director Tim Spencer said he was delighted with Cushing and the scholarship awarded to him.
“It’s really something,” Spencer said. “I have goosebumps that literally haven’t gone away since Tom called me with the news last week. It’s very exciting for him and his family. His future is bright.
The Cushings moved to Fallon less than two years ago when Jason Cushing accepted the job at NAWDC. Before moving, he worked at the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lakes, California. The nearest town is Ridgecrest.
Wade Cushing said he was involved in many activities at Ridgecrest and Fallon High Schools. Since he started attending school in Fallon, he has been involved in a band and a jazz band in percussion and guitar. He has also been on golf and cross country teams and is a member of the National Honor Society. In 2019, he becomes Eagle Scout.